Painting – One of the works of art that has a high selling value and can make people who see it chuckle is painting. Painting is classified as a two-dimensional work of art. In addition, painting has distinctive characteristics such as patterns, materials, and techniques in the process.

In general, in the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), painting is an art about painting and drawing. Generally, an artist who makes a painting will pour his ideas and feelings about his painting on the canvas surface.

In the process of making art, an artist needs creative ideas. That’s what makes art can be bought and sold at fantastic prices. The price of a painting is usually seen based on the selling value and quality of the painting.

For painting artists who can display an aesthetic purpose, it will usually be seen from the strength of the beauty of the scenery of an area. Aesthetic purposes can be seen in many paintings in homes, offices, and public places. The painting usually depicts a waterfall, river, or rice field in a village.


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